Veterinarians with a heart

The first European-style veterinary clinic in the city.

About Clinic

The clinic's arsenal of equipment includes inhalation anesthesia (the only one in the city), a patient monitor with capnography, an ECG and a module for measuring pressure, the only dental unit in our city, an oxygen concentrator, and an operating lamp Dr. German-made Mach, bipolar electrocoagulator like that.

Therapists are on duty daily (except Sunday) and are ready to provide a wide range of veterinary services, namely:
  • consultations
  • vaccinations
  • chipping
  • medical and hygienic manipulations of various kinds,
  • diagnostics (in particular, ultrasound and ECG).

It is possible to pre-register.

Services of our clinic

Veterinary pharmacy
If your beloved pet has problems, then you may need a veterinary pharmacy to consult and to purchase the necessary veterinary drugs and pet supplies. Our veterinary pharmacy employs experienced veterinarians who will always help you in choosing the goods necessary for your pets. We are always ready to provide free qualified advice on all types of veterinary drugs, vitamins, pet supplies and feed for all types of domestic cats and dogs.
Laboratory diagnostics
It is difficult to imagine modern veterinary medicine without a good laboratory diagnosis. Laboratory studies give the doctor valuable information about the functions of organs and systems, without which it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment. Assigning repeated tests during treatment, the doctor can monitor its effectiveness and monitor the condition of the animal.
Surgical procedures
Our surgical department is the heart of our institution and our pride. Its material and technical equipment is unquestionably better in our city. This is a separate isolated room. A special recirculator is constantly working here, which ensures effective disinfection of the room. A special stainless steel surgical table with height adjustment provides maximum comfort for the surgeon. The surgical field is illuminated by a surgical lamp, which is the standard for surgical lamps worldwide.
We pay great attention to prevention, therefore our doctors primarily recommend regular vaccinations, a balanced healthy diet, anti-parasitic treatments, hair and skin care, etc. We will help you protect your pet from parasites, because they can cause diseases or symptoms, cause uncomfortable discomfort to him. You can consult with us about the nutrition of your animal and our doctors will help you choose the best diet for him.
In the premises of our establishment, while waiting, customers have the opportunity to use free Wi-Fi Internet. The receptionist will kindly treat you with hot coffee or tea. Payment for services is possible both in cash and by credit cards. We have a flexible system of discounts (discounts of partner clinics are also valid with us).

We work with special veterinary software that allows you to quickly find all the information about your pet in our database, which includes vaccination data, previous tests, therapeutic or surgical interventions. After you receive, you will receive printed, clear and understandable doctor's prescriptions or test results. You no longer have to repeat all your data and your pet's data during each visit!

We invite you to use our services and see for yourself the professionalism of our doctors and the high technological equipment of our clinic.
(068) 76 76 600
Poltava, st. September 23rd, 11